Our projects


By far the biggest of our projects was organizing a 3-day event for all the Rotaractors in Croatia and that is a semi-annual district meeting in Velika Gorica. It consisted of a official meeting held by the DRR (Sabina Ulovec) , workshops, sightseeing and fun! It was very well visited and brought us a lot of expirience with organization, leadership and as a bonus we got to know young hard working Rotaractors from our district event better!


The Christmas basket is a humanitarian action to collect daily food and supplies for poor families in the local area. It takes place in pre-Christmas time, in one of the shopping centers. This is the traditional action of the Rotaract Clubs. This action, in December 2013, in Kaufland, the Rotaract club Velika Gorica marked the beginning of its activity. Approximately 2.5 tons of food and hygiene supplies were collected and Caritas were donated to the three Nagyogor county parishes: Annunciations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Peter and Paul, and Alojzije Stepinac. The action had a great response and positive reaction from citizens, and Christmas was beautified to many families in the area of ​​Velika Gorica. It has been repeated every year since then. It was particularly successful in the Christmas Basket 2015, because the Kaufland and Rotary community’s cooperation was raised to the national level and the shopping cart found its place in locations throughout Croatia. We urge all citizens to donate some of the basic family supplies needed this year!


Have you ever thought you were easy on the palate? It’s time to prove it! Rotaract Club Velika Gorica and Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac were offered an opportunity for you, who are jointly organizing the humanitarian “Alias ​​Tournament”. For those who may not know, it’s a social game that is played in groups of two or more players. Your teammates need to describe the default word on the card, so you can use words of relative or opposite meaning, associations and the like. The key role has time, you have to be fast because the sand clock has no grace! Note to self: there will be more in the future!


Our pub quizes have been by far best visited events. We organized 3 pub quizes by now. We have been giving you opportunity to show your knowledge, win great prizes and participate in humanitarian action. Teams can be made of up  to 4 members and questions you could expect are from various areas: sports, history, geography, entertainment and more. As these will continue in the future we encourage you to stay in the loop and find out when the next pub quiz will take place!


Belot tournament intended for all passionate players of Belot of good spirit! Choose your partner and join this exciting card game! We are still organizing this type of event by following our site to learn how to sign up for the next humanitarian tournament.


If we are known for something it is – great parties! Our Halloween party a crazy American style party with costumes and decorations. Of course, it had a humanitarian note. Entrance fee was donated to the association “New Future” and there were also prizes for the best costumes!


One of our actions was a dedication book along with Mel Camino’s concert. The price of the entrance: a book with dedication! Bring that book and write a couple of nice words for the next reader. Collected books were donated as gifts to children in the ‘New Future’ foster home and poorer property status in the area of ​​Velika Gorica. So, all you needed was a good will and a good book.